With Friends Like These

We are creating an adorable and colourful adventure you can play with a buddy or by yourself. With Friends Like These is a game that lovingly forces co-operation where two players have control of the same ship.

Everyone on your home planet is super bored and overworked! So you and your bestie have decide to take everyone on a trip to crazy time planet where everyone can let off some steam. Unfortunately, things go wrong and you crash into Super Chill world, your friends don’t realise they’re on the wrong planet and start to cause chaos. Work together to gather up your friends.

While the blue player flies the ship in water, the pink player will zap pink ‘bullets’ that teleport your friends back to the bus. When the ship flies into air, the roles will swap, the pink player will then fly and the blue player will zap blue bullets. You also have to match the colour bullets to the colour of your friends eyes. Each area has been hand crafted to make the players work together in new and interesting ways.

Game: With Friends Like These
Developer: Shy Kids Club