Pocket Bonsai

Pocket Bonsai is a peaceful real time bonsai growing game. Check in for a few relaxing minutes each day to nurture your bonsai, influence its growth, decorate its surroundings and help it grow into a beautiful, personalized tree.

– Shape your bonsai over time by adjusting the direction arrows attached to each branch, then return later to see how it has grown.

– Nurture your bonsai, keeping it healthy and looking its best through regular watering and weeding.

– Decorate your bonsai using dozens of different decorative objects and pots of all shapes and sizes.

– Relax. Caring for your bonsai is a relaxing, meditative experience. Take the time to enjoy the stillness, the peaceful music and the sense of patience and fulfillment that comes with bringing your creation to life.

Game: Pocket Bonsai
Developer: Siege Sloth Games

Download now: App Store